Our Vision

In our modern consumer society, it is easy to fall into the 9-5 grind, to buy into marketing, to eat whatever is convenient, and to truly lose what matters, even going as far as losing a true sense of Self. Anyone who’s ever went on a diet or stuck to a New Year’s resolution knows that adopting new lifestyle habits can be overwhelming and frustrating, but we plan to change that.

We are looking for natural and eco-friendly products, efficient and sustainable designs, delicious and nourishing foods, and dog-friendly adventures. We then want to take the knowledge and discoveries of our journey and share them with you along with usable tools and tips on how you can easily integrate them into your own life!

Our Story

Aloha! It’s a pleasure to introduce ourselves, and thank you for taking an interest in our page! We are Lana and Duchess. We left our life-long home in Hawaii in search of new adventure through life on the road, and we’re adopting a whole new lifestyle right along with it. Whether it’s the struggles we need to overcome, the things we discover, or the sights we see and experiences we have, we want to share all of the insights and lifestyle hacks that we come across on our journey with you.

We’ve recently moved into our new home on wheels, a 19-foot Jayco travel trailer, and are hanging out in western Washington state until things go back to some sort of normal and we feel comfortable heading back out into the world. Until then we are doing our best to explore and enjoy the beauty of the vast evergreens and farm lands we currently have the pleasure of being surrounded by.